Saturday, 7 May 2011

Uncle Fucked Me

Hi,I am Betova,My story is when i was 16.Now i am 19.I have Mom Dad & 2 bros.Elder Bro is living in some other city with his Family.Younger bro went abroad for studies.Mom & Dad bot are doing job so i was alone in house after I came from college.One day My Uncle(Dad\'s Friend)came to our house,mom & dad were sleeping in their bedroom coz it was sunday .He asked me to make a cup of tea.I gave him tea.He was chatting with me when Dad came in ,he was his very old friend just like our family member,they started chatting and I left the room.I noticed that he was watching my figure very greedily.Let me tell You about my Figure it is 34-26-36.I was virgin and never had sex.
Next day when I was back from college the door bell rang,I opened the door and there was Uncle standing,I told him that no one is home.He told me that he wanted to chat with me.I asked him to come in coz i had no fear.He came in and sat on the Bed.I sat beside him,he asked for a cup of Tea.I went to Kitchen ,He was watching TV.
Suddenly I felt some one behind me ,i looked back He was standing behind me i ignored and kept working.He came near and touched my BOOBS and started kissing me on neck,I was shocked i tried to escape but he was very strong he held me and carried me to the bedroom.He threw me over the bed and started sucking my boobs and fingering pussy.I was in shock,He removed my Bra And Pulled My Milky white boobs out.He was mad at the sight.Then he removed my Skirt and my panty .I was totally NUDE,He started sucking my pussy ,I was hot,Then he removed his Pant OH He Had a Very Big dick 9 or 10 inches i was terrified what he will do.He then started fingering my pussy it hurt me But after few minutes it felt good.He then asked me to suck his cock but I refused,he fixed his dick on my pussy and started pushing in oh I was in hell,I cried he pulled out Lubricated his dick with PONDS cream which was on my Dressing Table and again tried to get his Big Tool In my small Pussy.It hurt like i was in Hell.He pulled out And after a few seconds he slowly penetrated half way in me.I was crying badly he again pulled out started kissing and pushing his tool further in I was crying he asked me to be patient and soon this pain will be over .He applied more cream on his BIGTOOL and pushed it in with a Hard JERK oh i was about to DIE.He Held there for a few moments and then i think mypussy was a bit familiar with the dick and pain.He slowly moved IN and OUT.Now the Pleasure started and i was now enjoying .He fucked me for 30 minutes I came 3 times and finally he shot his load on my BOOBS .I went to wash my self he came there and after few kissings he started to fuck me again in Doggy Style.He was very good and had a big tool.He left before my parents were home.Now we are good friends and fuck when we get a chance.

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