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The new schoolmarm gets opened

Miss Sarah Johnson walked down the dusty street to the town's one room school house. It was hot on this September day of 1890, and she needed to open up the schoolhouse, and get it ready for the students. She was the town's new schoolmarm, and she was very good at what she did. Being as dedicated as she was, she never had the time or the inclination to get married, and at the age of 35, she was fast becoming the virgin spinster. When she got the urge, she'd masturbate under her covers at night, with all the lights out, feeling guilty and sinful as all hell, but relishing the burst of orgasmic pleasure she'd enjoy at the end.
     The Parker boys, Jeb, 18 years old, Jason and Ken, 17 year old twins and Jim, the youngest at 16 years old, were watching the new school teacher with great interest. She had a sexy figure, and they were more than interested in getting a look at her without her clothes in the way. Jeb, the leader, 18 years old and strong as an ox from working the fields at his parents farm, led the way. The followed along, trying to look casual, just strolling, until Miss Johnson entered the school house. They slipped in, and locked the door, and watched Miss Johnson from the store room.
     Jeb whispered to his brothers, "Ok, just follow me, I'll tell you what to do, and by the end, you'll all have a great learning experience."
     They left the store room, and quickly surrounded Miss Johnson. She turned around, surprised to see four boys behind her. The looks they were giving her made her feel unsettled.
     She did her best to keep her voice level, as she said, "Hello boys, school isn't until tomorrow you know".
     Jeb grinned at her, and said, "We know all about that Miss Johnson, we're just here to give you a special welcome to the new school."
     They grabbed her, she tried her best to fight them off, but they were all strong, young and healthy, and four against one was not going to get it done. They pushed her down to the floor, and the boys quickly stripped off her dress, underneath, she wore a tight corset, and Jeb grinned as he worked on stripping her, eager to unlace the strait laced schoolmarm right out of her corset. That was easily accomplished, and Miss Johnson was horrified to realize that she was now totally naked. The new schoolmarm had an amzing body, lush, full breasts, very sexy, curvy hips, her pubic triangle covered with a thick tuft of hair, tapering down to sexy long legs. Four cocks responded to the sight, plumping up, getting very hard and ready. They quickly stripped as they easily held down her struggling body, and she was suddenly surrounded with four very horny and aroused young men, and four very hard, horny cocks. She felt her body being lifted up, and draped face down over her desk, her ass up, her legs protruding over the edge, three of the brothers holding her down, as Jeb got between her legs, and positioned himself. Jeb got the job of busting open the tight passage, as he was the only one of the brothers who was no longer a virgin, having deflowered the McCoy sisters in the barn during the summer.
     She cried out, "No, please, I'm still a virgin, don't!"
     Jeb said, "Still a virgin? Miss Johnson, you've waited far too long. Don't you worry a bit, I know what I'm doing, I busted open the McCoy sisters just this past summer."
     She felt his cock start to shove up her virgin passage, he hit her hymen, and drew back, pushing forward again, and again being denied. He pulled back, and gave a mighty thrust. Miss Johnson felt him slam in, and her virginity gave way as he tore into her with a savage thrust, his cock ripped open her hymen, surging forward, Miss Johnson letting out a loud cry of pain as he forced his cock in, her dry inner pussy parting and wrenching painfully as she was violated. Her 35 years of virginity ended as Jeb buried his 8 inches in, right to the balls, relishing the feel of the schoolmarm impaled on his prick. He thrust in and out, lasting a couple of minutes before the tight cling of the no longer virgin schoolmarm milked his throbbing cock for every drop, and he grunted as he shot his hot cum deep up her tight pussy.
     He pulled out, and signalled the twins to take her. Jason eagerly shoved his cock in, drawing a grunt of pain from Miss Johnson, refilling the tight hole that Jeb had just opened, while Ken presented his cock to Sarah's face.
     Jeb said to Sarah, "Now, Miss Johnson, you're going to open your pretty little mouth, and you are going to swallow what my brother gives you to swallow."
     She could feel Jason raping her, the hard thrusts against all her sore spots having to be born all over again, at least it didn't last long, with him being a virgin, as he quickly exploded his hot load deep inside her. She did as she was told, and once Ken's cock was encased in her hot, wet mouth, he lasted a few seconds before his excitement brought on a huge glut of spunk, filling Sarah's mouth, as she gulped wildly to swallow it all.
     Jim was next, and he eagerly shoved his cock in, fucking the schoolmarm with hard thrusts. Being filled with 2 large loads made his thrusts a bit easier to endure, and being 16 and a virgin, he also lost his load very fast, his cum joining his brothers loads already pumped up inside of her.
     Finally, it's over, she thought, but it wasn't. Being so young, they quickly recovered. Miss Johnson was dismayed to see that the boys recovered quickly, again very hard and ready, and they kept her draped over her desk, it was a perfect positioning for her to be fucked and suck them at the same time. This time, Jeb presented his stiff cock to her mouth.
     "Swallow my cock, suck me, make me fill your pretty little mouth with my load" Jeb encouraged, stoking her head of hair.
     She swallowed his cock, since she really had no choice, and grunted as she felt Ken drive his cock up inside her vagina. Ken eagerly drilled her pussy, driving his throbbing cock in, raping the new schoolmarm as she sucked on Jeb's cock. The brothers took Miss Johnson's mouth and pussy, filling her from both ends as she sucked Jeb's cock while Ken eagerly fucked her pussy, the other brothers standing by, cocks hard and ready, awaiting their turn. Ken grunted as he felt the tight hug milk his shaft, his cock erupting, pumping his thick load deep inside her, as Jeb grunted, his cock spraying inside the tight lips around his cock, giving Miss Johnson a thick mouthful of spunk.
     They withdrew, and Jason gave her his cock to suck on, while Jim eagerly refilled her pussy. Being that they had already blown off a load, they lasted longer, much to Sarah's discomfort, and they pumped her mouth and pussy until they exploded, refilling up both ends.
     Miss Johnson knew that she couldn't stop them, so she just endured the hard thrusts, the pulsing of their hard pricks as they squirted thick loads up her tight pussy, and the hot mouthfuls of thick teen male seed that filled her mouth. They weren't finished with her until every cock had filled her mouth and her pussy had been fucked again by every cock. When they were done, they turned her over, their cocks once again hard, and they stoked their stiff cocks until they shot off one last load, squirting it over the schoolmarm's naked body.
     Jeb grinned and said "Welcome to the new school Miss Johnson, we hope that you enjoyed your welcome as much as we did, and we hope you'd like to do this again sometime, real soon. See you in class tomorrow."

Aunty Maryam adopt Niece Fatima for sex

Maryam waited excited and expectant at the front of the exit in the Arrivals Lounge. Her young niece, Fatima, her younger 18yo sister"s daughter, was arriving to stay with her forever from the poor African nation Maryam had fled from 11 years ago. Her sister and brother in law had been killed in a motor accident 3 months ago. Maryam had been granted a short visa to attend the funeral and had just a few days back there where she had spent all too short a time with Maryam.
Maryam"s parents were dead now and Maryam had no other siblings, so there were was no close family to care for Fatima. In the short time back "home" she and Isabella had formed a strong bond and following her departure back here to this fortunate developed country, Fatima had been grief stricken. It had taken 3 months of hard for negotiation for Maryam to secure a permanent residency visa for Isabella here in the West.
Maryam had worked hard to establish her international design consultancy. She had offices in New York, Chicago, LA, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney. Much of the time she lived in her large secure estate in the Hollywood Hills, where she was soon to transport Isabella, whom she had already enrolled in one of LA"s small but most exclusive girl"s schools.
At 36 Maryam was a stunning woman. Regular Dancer, snow skiing and daily surfing had kept her in excellent condition, having a figure the envy of most teenage girls and women. With her olive skin, perfect full lips and striking facial features, long wavy jet black hair, 5" 9" height, slim waist, long lithe muscular legs and a firm DD bust and flair for fashion, Maryam cut a sexually charged swathe through every crowd and gathering. But she had never married. There had been a very few men in her life, but the relationships never lasted as she found all the single men she had met to be too self-centred, shallow and insensitive. All the good men seemed to be taken up or gay and sometimes she cursed her decision to concentrate on her business and not look for a serious relationship until her early thirties.
Fatima emerged from the customs hall and into the exit lounge. Her initial worried look immediately changed to a big beaming smile that lit up her face and the whole arrivals area. Maryam had forgotten how absolutely gorgeous Fatima was. Like Maryam she had an innate sense of style and fashion and despite her poverty had managed to find a lovely outfit. She must have changed in the aircraft toilets before landing. It was autumn and she had chosen an outfit comprising black thigh high boots, a short pleated red skirt, black short sleeve blouse and a long sleeved white denim jacket. Her long black hair fell in ringlets around her face and over her shoulders, testimony to her Afro-Arab heritage. Maryam noticed a silence fall upon the waiting crowd then a rising volume of whispered comments as men, women and teenagers spoke to each other in admiring tones about the Lolita Beauty who had just emerged, to be greeted by an equally stunning woman, (Maryam). By their appearance were obviously related. Maryam was enveloped in a consuming hug by Fatima.
They quickly left the airport and headed for Maryam"s high walled secure residence in the Hills. It was not a huge house, but it was well designed, easy to maintain and enjoyed extensive views over LA toward the ocean and had lovely lush sub-tropical gardens, suffused by water features and statuary.
By the end of the second week it was as if Fatima had lived with Maryam in LA forever. She had already adjusted well to the school and had been put into the superior academic classes. Maryam loved the company of this fresh vibrant "young woman", who had wisdom far beyond her years. Every night they snuggled up on the lounge to talk or watch TV. Fatima was very affectionate. It was hard to believe she was only 12 as her bust was already overflowing her B cup bras, crowned by very large nipples that were frequently stiff and pronounced.
Her hips and slim waist had the fullness and curves of a young woman who had reached puberty, not that of a 12 year old! By the end of the first month Maryam had become aware of something that was causing her significant self recrimination and concern. She was experiencing sexual arousal on those nightly occasions during their long snuggle up sessions. Maryam was shocked at her feelings, which were not subsiding. "My God" she thought, "I am Fatima"s aunt, guardian and all that she treasures in the world. How can I be feeling like this, I should love her as a parent, not a sexual predator!"
It happened one wet and stormy Friday night. They were snuggling on the lounge with an open fire going and watching the storm lash the windows and the distant thunder and lightening. Nature was putting on a free show that surpassed anything on the TV. Maryam and Fatima had both had their showers and were both wearing soft terry towelling robes, (nothing underneath), as they snuggled up warm and cosy, sipping warm drinks and nibbling on exclusive Belgium chocolate.
Maryam was feeling especially sexually aroused and doing her best to suppress her feelings as usual. They had been spooning, but Fatima had rolled over a few minutes ago and was now resting her head on Maryam"s ample breast. Unknown to Maryam she was now giving Fatima an unfettered view of her right breast and stiff aroused nipple as her robe had parted and loosed with Fatima"s rollover. Then something strange happened.
Maryam became aware, or so she thought, of something firm and throbbing pressing against her inner thigh near her pussy. The feeling only lasted a few seconds before Fatima pulled away from her... and then started to gently cry. Maryam cupped Fatima"s chin softly and said; "Oh baby what"s wrong, tell me what"s wrong" Maryams heart was torn seeing her niece so distraught.

Fatima looked at Maryam with sad eyes and said; "I can"t tell you, you won"t love me anymore and will send me away." Maryam grabbed Fatima to her in a firm hug and whispered gently and lovingly in her ear; "Darling I love you unconditionally and would never ever send you away from me, you can stay with me forever." Fatima looked at Maryam with sad eyes again and a touch of fear... "okay, I will tell you... or rather... I will show you... then I"m sure you will be shocked and not want me living with you... because I am a freak." Maryam again hugged Fatima too her strongly and assured her that she was the most important and most beautiful person in her life... then held Fatima at arms length and invited Fatima to tell her, or "show" her in Fatimas words, what it was that she thought was so terrible.
Fatima rolled off the lounge and stood before Maryam, as Maryam sat up. "Well Auntie, this is it, I know you will think I"m a freak and not want me in your life anymore". With that Fatima opened her robe and let it fall to the floor at her feet. Fatima stood naked trembling naked in front of her aunt Maryam. Maryam gasped aloud and then said in soothing tones; "Oh Darling... Darling... you are beautiful, come here to me."
What Maryam had been exposed to was the most arousing stunning vision of beauty she had ever seen. Fatima had the most gorgeous body. Her breasts were full and firm, capped by large erect dark brown nipples, (like Maryam"s), her arse was round and exquisite, her legs were smooth and perfect, the envy of any woman. But, the juncture of her thighs consolidated her beauty. She had a thick soft jungle of public hair and from this delectable forest that partly hid her sex there stood out proud and half erect the most beautiful uncircumcised and thickest cock Maryam had ever seen, at the base of which was a magnificent ball sack. "Oh Darling, You are beautiful and absolutely magnificent and desirable. You are a beautiful gorgeous young woman".
It was immediately obvious to Maryam that her pubescent 17 year old niece was a preteen transsexual... or so she thought. Maryam was aroused beyond belief and just wanted to feel Fatima"s huge 9" cock inside her... now. Maryam pulled towards her but Isabella held back a little and said; "There is more... it is not just this... and with that grabbed her magnificent member... that was now fast moving towards a full erection... and her ball sack and lifted them up. Maryam gave another gasp, for below Fatima"s ball sack was a glistening aroused slit... Fatima was a true and perfectly formed hermaphrodite, of which there are just 1 in 1,000,000.
Maryam was now beside herself with lust. She fell to her knees between Fatima"s thighs and took that lovely cock in her right hand... it reached full hardness in seconds and began to throb. Maryam brought her mouth to Fatima"s glistening slit and gave it a sensual gentle kiss. Her juice tasted divine. With gentle firm but lust driven urgency, Maryam dragged Fatima onto the soft rug in front of the warm fire. She fell upon Fatima"s preteen virgin cunt, with all the pent up lust she had endured over the past month.
Maryam stroked and fondled Fatima"s huge cock, sliding the generous foreskin back and forth over the huge mushroom head, while feasting upon Fatima"s "female"s sex. Fatima"s hands rested on her aunts head and pulled Maryam hard into her cunt. Isabella let out a cry and gushed a torrent of pussy juice into Maryam"s hungry mouth. It was the "first time" with another for Isabella, her first pussy orgasm with another, her aunt!
No sooner had Fatima stopped squirting her sweet pussy juice before Maryam climbed up over her she-male child lover and laid beside her. Maryam spread her thighs and pulled Fatima on top of her. There was nothing but insatiable fire and lust in Maryam"s eyes. "Root me" she cried, "ROOT YOUR AUNTIE"S CUNT MY DARLING!" she screamed with abandoned lust and eager expectation.
Nature and youth took hold. Fatima climbed between her aunt"s outstretched thighs and rammed her hard 8" virgin she-cock into that warm wet incestuous cavern that hungered for her incestuous cock. Isabella now knew where her destiny lay and was finally being rewarded with the pleasure so far denied to her in life by shame and guilt. Her beautiful aunt Maryam loved her unconditionally and Maryam had finally found what she had been seeking in a partner. Isabella and Maryam had found each other and both now gave themselves over in unbridled and uninhibited lust to their powerful insatiable pent up primal life creating urges.
Fatima felt her first cock orgasm approaching and cried out; "Oh auntie... AUNTIE... OH MARYAM... I"M GONNA CUM... nnnnnnggghhhh... AAAAAHH!" Maryam felt the first powerful thick rope of incestuous semen splash against the walls of her cunt... then realised had no protection... she was not on the pill!!! In that instant Maryam recognised that Fatima, her "niece", carried all the gene pool she had been searching for in that generous thick torrent of incestuous semen now being spurted into her ovulating cunt. It was an instantaneous awareness that she and Fatima were the perfect partners, meant for each other for all time.
Ten minutes after Fatima had split her huge fertile load in her aunt, Maryam turned them around into a 69er position. She wanted to taste Fatimas copious sweet preteen sperm direct from the source. She was not disappointed.Fatima fell upon her aunt Maryam"s wet sperm filled cunt with unbelievable hunger and Maryam soon felt her orgasm was close. Fatima"s cock was wonderful to suck. It was so thick Maryam had to open her mouth to the fullest to take that pulsing monster. Fatima"s pre-cum flowed freely and generously, tasting like honey. And then it came... for both of them...
Maryam gushed a gallon of cunt juice into the thirsting mouth of her preteen niece... and at the same time Fatima came like a fire hose. Her thick hot cream tasted like vanilla milk and spurted with force in an unbelievable torrent of fertile sperm infused incestuous child semen. Maryam felt at least 12 thick ropes of spunk hit her tongue and the roof of her mouth. This gorgeous forbidden she-male child cock continued to ooze a thick white lava flow for another 2 or 3 minutes after the powerful jets had stopped. Maryam and Fatima were in Heaven as they sighed in the warm afterglow of their giant joint outpourings of juice and pleasure, licking, kissing, tasting and sucking their sexes for 20 minutes in their luscious wet 69er.
All that could be heard for 3 hours were the sounds of squelching sex juice as Maryam"s huge she cock
ploughed in and out of Maryam"s cunt or as they sucked each other in big juicy 69ers, before reverting to the missionary position to allow the huge she-male child cock to drill the eager receptive incestuous woman cunt. Their joint cries and screams filled the house as they orgasm-ed several times, covering each other in the copious juices of their throbbing orgasmic sexes. Maryam fell pregnant that first night of incestuous coupling and went on to bear her "niece" 3 healthy children.

Serendipitous moment with the maid

This incident happened when I was in Hyderabad. I was 26 then and was taking a break from my professional life. It was like a gap year to re-discover my passions. I moved into a new place which a pent house in a very calm and salubrious locality. I liked the place very much and got acclimatized to it very quickly. The owners suggested that the same maid who works for them would also work for me as she was very trustworthy.
This is when I first met Sarita “the maid”. I reckon her to be around 23-24 years old and a nice girl of few words. I would have to say that she is attractive even though not quite beautiful. She has a tad dark complexion and a slender figure. She always wore chudidars which covered the entire body.
After a couple of months, I realized that she was completely trustworthy and therefore gave her more liberty at my place. She would come in the mornings and take care of the work without my intervention. She kept the place neat and always arranged the shelves. One day she wanted to clean the attic, which had many heavy suitcases of mine that haven't been moved in a while. I went to take a shower while she was doing the cleaning. Just when i finished my bath and opened the bathroom door, I found her struggling to balance a heavy suitcase to avoid it from falling. The suitcase was very heavy as it contained lot of books and she had both her hands supporting it as it went off balance from the attic. It could fall on her and injure her. I figured that she couldn't hold on any longer and rushed to help her. I too started to lift the suitcase with both my hands since it was very heavy. At this moment the towel wrapped around my waist fell loose. I had nothing below it and therefore stood there completely naked in front of the maid with both my hands over my head, supporting the suitcase. The maid was appalled at the view of my naked body and thus let go of the suitcase and closed her eyes with her palms. This made the whole weight of the suitcase fall on my hands and I couldn't hold it any longer. She sensed the burden that I was bearing and again lifted the suitcase. She became perturbed. I told her to stay calm and asked her to push the suitcase up. So, both of us heaved the suitcase back onto the attic. And suddenly both of us burst out into laughter. I bent down and picked up my towel and fixed it back around my waist. I told her it was inadvertent and not intentional. She said it was okay and that she understood the situation.
Now from the next day onwards she started teasing me in jest about that incident. She would always enact the position in which I was standing at that time and make fun about it. I too enjoyed her mimics. This is when I got this feeling of having sex with her. So I decided to check if she wouldn't make an issue out of it.
The next day when she came in, I again went to take a bath and came out naked. She couldn't understand my actions and didn't know what to say but remained calm. I then told her that I usually stay naked when there is no one around and since she had anyway seen me naked, it would be fine for me. And she agreed on my point!!! So for the next few days this continued and now I wanted to up the ante. So after a few days, when she was doing the chores in the kitchen, I lay on the ground naked in the hall and started jerking off. She noticed me and started seeing my act from the corner of her eye as if she wasn't noticing it. I saw this and called her in. She came in and again acted as if she didn't want to see. I told that I would like her to see me while I jerked. (A bit perverse? Well…this perversion sets the tone for the next part of the story).She agreeeed!!!
This continued for a couple of days and now for the next move. This time during our session (which has become more common now), I asked her whether she masturbated. She blushed and said yes. Then I told her that I knew a technique which would give more pleasure and that I can teach her. She hesitated for a while but then said she wanted to know that. I asked her to take off her pants. She was wearing a chudidar and so even after removing her pants, she was covered to knee length by her upper garment. I made her lie down on the floor and then lifted the garment to expose her cunt. She had a lot of pubic hair. I told her to stay calm as I ran my fingers over the outline of her vagina. She became very nervous from the touch of my hand and jerked a bit. She started to breathe heavily. Sensing that she was becoming nervous I removed my hand and asked her about her sexual life. She told me that she is a virgin and didn't have any boyfriend. This small talk relaxed her and again I started the act. This time she responded very well. I placed one palm on her mount of Venus and inserted a finger into the vagina. Slowly I inserted another finger and started to move them in and out. With my fingers inside her cleft, I lifted my fingertips. This made her moan. I made my fingers into a hook shaped position inside the vagina and started lifting her body slightly. Her hips started to bounce and she was turning her head in a haphazard manner out of ecstasy. I increased the momentum and was now fingering her more furiously. Precum started flowing out and a sweet smell followed. Now she was wriggling her body and spreading her hips far outward. I have never seen a woman go into such a heated situation. I suddenly pulled out my fingers and let her relax a bit. I now removed the upper garment and exposed her body completely. I lied down next to her and started to make small talk again. She said that she didn't know sex would be so ecstatic. After a while I started fondling her breasts and played with her hair. I started to smooch and also kissed her neck line several times. I made her hold my boner and jerk me slowly which she did perfectly. She asked me to fuck her. I told her that her first experience would be special and that I would use the best posture I knew. So I lifted her body at the hip part and put my legs around hers and slowly went into her. She took it in beautifully and then I let her lie down on the ground. This posture eliminated even the air between us. It was like two snakes with their bodies entangled. I slowly started fucking her and she started sweating and moaning. I gently took her head in my hand and placed it next to my head in the opposite direction. I continued fucking her for 3-4 minutes before we both came out with a wave of fluids at our crotches. We lied down for a while and then took a shower together. Now we do this regularly and i also started giving her sex education. She now knows everything about sex and keeps prompting me to be more adventurous.

Whore wife fucked in boat

She would even engage washer man or milkman for sex. It was getting out of hand for me. I took her to psychiatrist who advised a long holiday for her. Doctor was surprised by her enthusiasm. She should be kept away from her regular place. We took a vacation and went to Mumbai to cool ourselves. After few days of sightseeing at Mumbai we took a boat to Elephanta Caves from Gateway of India. It was an hour-long boat ride, with about fifty people, several couples and some students.

Rajshree was wearing a semi transparent blouse with just a knot at the bottom- no buttons, and a skirt. As she had been shunning undergarments for quite some time, her tits were a little visible from under her blouse. She was looking a stunner in her dress. We were sitting on one side of the boat and enjoying the scenery when an English man came towards Rajshree and commented- “Hey lady, you look gorgeous!” She smiled and her smile encouraged the fellow. He added, “I am sure you like to fuck a lot!”

Before I could stop her from saying anything, she blurted. Her smile broadened “Of course!” She said “Are you interested?” “Who would not be?” He quipped, “But there is no cabin on this boat”. Rajshree replied, “Who needs a cabin” she laughed “I don’t mind fucking right here! By the way this is my husband…” she introduced me and at the same time extended her hand to reach his fly. He seemed a little too shocked to respond, and by the time he could react, her hand was well within his zip groping for the prize. Within a few seconds his pink cock with blue veins and the small balls were hanging out side his pants.

She moved forward and began licking and kissing it and lovingly watched as it grew harder and bigger. The activity wasn’t going unnoticed, about half of the boat had stopped enjoying the scenery outside and was curiously watching this free porno show. After sucking for about a couple of minutes she stood up to kiss hug him and kiss on his lips. He cupped her breast with one hand and slipped his second hand down to her thighs and slowly moved it up inside the skirt and suddenly exclaimed aloud “Wow! You have no underpants even!”

She once again laughed, “Yes, I don’t like men to waste precious time removing my clothing!” He was now kneading her round beautiful buttocks. I could not control my anger but was helpless. I could see all her actions as I was sitting next to her but this could not be seen by others as her back was towards the sea. Suddenly a Negro came near us and said to her, “Hey lady! You know I can sue you for being a racist!” She once again laughed and said, “No you can’t!” With this she again sat down on the bench pulled the black guy near her, unzipped his fly and pushed her hand inside.

Her smile broadened as she began unbuttoning his pants saying, “It is too big tool to come out of the fly. I will have to remove the pants altogether!” Then she pulled his pant and the underwear to reveal a huge black cock dangling. We all let out a sigh at the huge size. It was definitely her first black cock. She rubbed it on her beautiful fair cheeks, which looked even more beautiful in contrast to the black cock, and then slowly started taking the whole length inside her mouth. The white man sat beside her and untied the knot of her blouse to free the beautiful round boobs and the pink nipples.

He began kissing the boob near him biting the nipple from time to time and moved one hand from behind her to hold the other breast. Several young students had gathered round us to have closer look at the activities. She realized that the show was not getting viewed from all sides and taking the cock out of her mouth, said, “Why don’t we move to the middle of the boat where they all can have a better view!”

They all got up, a black and a white man with their cocks fully erect and dangling and a beautiful young Indian woman with her boobs dangling! They moved to a center bench. The women on board were flabbergasted by the view; they made their children see other way. Even men accompanied by women were watching her.

She sat down and holding the two cocks in her two hands placed them against her naked breasts, rubbing her nipples. Now almost everyone on the boat was watching the show. The two men asked her to get up and strip completely and in a couple of seconds her skirt was also down and her shaved pussy was now the center of attraction.

She said, “It is unfair. You two should also strip!” As they began removing their clothes and she stood on that crowded boat fully naked, a student asked her, “Is it available to foreigners only?” And she giggled once again, “Pointing at her pussy” she said, “It is available to anyone who has a hard cock and is willing to take it out!” And with this she waved him to come closer and hold her breasts.

He quickly came, cupped both her breasts, and then moved his hands down to feel rest of her body and down to the pussy. She spread her legs a little to let him reach her slit, which he instantly did. By this time, the two men were ready. The three sat down on the bench with my wife in the middle. They began playing with her breasts and kissing her and she caught their cocks and began stroking slowly. I had come to Mumbai on a vacation to stay away from her escapades and here again Rajshree has started sex.

One of the spectators was trying to take a picture from a little distance, hiding behind others. She raised her legs and placed one on the thigh of the black man and the other on the white man, thereby spreading her pussy wide for a deeper view of her pink and welcomed the photographer to take clearer pictures. One of the students was quite bold, “He came forward, sat in front of her and began licking her pussy.”

This was a fantastic view; imagine this, my wife fully naked, sitting between two men (a white man and a black man) holding their hard cocks with the two kneading her breasts and her legs spread wide over the legs of the black and the white man and a young student licking her cunt. And the show was being witnessed by a boat full with about fifty men and women.

She was certainly having orgasm after orgasm as was evident from her moaning and wringing of the body, but no one seemed to want this to stop. A young student stood behind the bench took out his cock, pushed forward near her neck, and turned her face to offer it for sucking. And this was probably the only thing missing so far.

She began wildly sucking the cock turning her face to the side. But it had become too much for her, she could no longer wait. She took the cock out of her mouth and shouted, “Hey, please now push the real thing inside!” The black one sprang up and pushing her down to lie on the bench, spread her legs and began pushing his huge cock into her pussy.

The English man got up to her face to let her mouth do the job while the two Indians squeezed her tits standing on the two sides. The black one then hinted the white one to take the pussy and moved forward to enter the mouth but before the white man could enter her pussy, an Indian rushed and thrust his cock into her. He was really horny.

She saw the disappointment in the English man’s eyes, caught his cock, and began rubbing on her breast. He was probably already quite stimulated and took no time in releasing his cum on her breast. It was huge load and came with such great force that it drenched the hand of the other man who was kneading her other breast.

He was shocked and looked at him in disbelief. Rajshree had to intervene again. She took the black cock out of her mouth and pulled the cum drenched cock to her mouth and began cleaning it with her tongue. Rest of the cum was spread over her chest and boobs.

Black man now pushed the Indian fucking her and pushed his cock inside her pussy and gave a few hard strokes but then pulled out and spreading her ass with his thumbs, pushed the monster inside her little tight hole. The women on boat let out a scream seeing him inserting his donkey dick in Rajshree’s ass hole. I am sure any one else would have screamed at having such a huge cock entering the ass so brutally.

But my wife had been by now accustomed to having regular asshole fucks and could admit him without any special effort. He had reached a crescendo and suddenly took out the cock and spurted all the cum almost all over her body. Black man’s fucking was so wild that I had missed watching her face and now noticed that she was sucking two Indian cocks simultaneously.

As the black man had released her holes, she waved one of them to occupy either of the two empty holes and continued sucking the other. Black man moved to her face to offer her the last few drops of cum which she greedily swallowed before returning to suck the Indian cock. The other Indian entered her pussy but since her entire body was sprayed with cum, he was unable to play with the boobs.

He too was about to cum which became evident by his increased pace. Rajshree hastily asked him not to
waste the cum and release himself in her mouth. So he once again went forward and pushed the cock into her mouth and after a couple of strokes placed it on her lips to give everyone a good view of his cum filling her mouth. But a large part of it still got sprayed outside covering her full face.

The one Indian had still not cum and now there was no place for him. She caught his cock, began stroking on her face, and took that cum too on her face. Now she was almost bathed in cum and the entire crowd on the boat was excited. Someone asked, where would she wash herself? There is no fresh water or towel here. She said, “There is no need!” She wiped her face on my cheek and gave me a lip lock kiss. I could taste the cum in her mouth and cheek. I was aghast by her behavior. She wiped some from her breasts with her hand and began licking.

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Without caring for the dripping cum from all over her body, she picked up her blouse and skirt and put them on as the boat was being parked at the jetty. All the cum was sticking to her body. One woman blew a kiss to me and said, “Good show and nice cum on your face.” I was too ashamed to reply.

Aik Lund Choot Mien Aik Lund Gand Mien

Police ko bulaow yaar”Merey dost vishno ney acting kertey howey kaha”Arey nahien vishno, pahley maim sahab ko fasla ker leney do jaldi kiya hey” mien ny bhi acting hi ki thi Ager kuch dostoon ko pata hokey bhagalpur sey Tilknager janey wali 80 namber Road sey nathnager punchna kitna asan aour taiz hey. Mien apney aik dost key sath usi terf jaraha tha.Abhi hum bhagalpur railway station key qareeb hi punchey they key peechey sey aik zordar dakha laga aour merey haath stearring sey hat gaye.laiken doseey hi lamhey mien gadri ko sambhala aour break lagaker iska karan janeney ko neechey utera.

To dekha peechey aik maim sahab angrezi libas mien apni car sey uther ker khadri howi thi. Merey sath mera dost visno tha woh bhi uter ker aagiya. kiyoonkey raiway station ka ilaqa tha buhat sey aour log bhi agye wahan.Merey jee mien aik khiyaal aya key is maim sahab ney car ka accedent to ker hi diya hey ab iska fayeda uthaya jaye. Mien ney vishno ko aankh mari woh samjh giya. Nahien bhai sahab police ko kiyoon bulatey ho hum tey ker letey hien” Woh maim sahab bolien.

Han jee Police ki kiya zaroorat hey! ” Mien ney usey dhiraj detey howey kaha,”Acha aap ki gadri insured hey na?” mien ney aram sey poocha”Arey kahan insured hey. Apko to pata hey purani gadriyan insured nahien hotien yahan” Woh boli To theek hey hum kisi workshop chaltey hien aour dekh letey hien kitna kherch ayega iski muramat per.Bus aap woh hamien dey dien” mien ney asan si terkeeb bata di usey. Ab kiya pata workshop waley kitna kharch batien merey pas itney paisey nahien hien.” Woh zara perishan si ho ker boli.

Mera to usi waqat dil kharab ho giya tha jab mien ney usko apni car sey utertey waqat dekha tha.
Usney short skirt pehen rakha tha. Bal angrezi terz per katey howey they.Balose mien sey iski chatiyaa baher ka nazara ker rahi thien.Blouse tang honey key karan dono chatiyaan apas mien bhinch gayee thien aour yoon lag raha tha jaisey aik choti gand key do cootadr hoon.jab woh apni car mien sey nikal rahi thi to meri nazer uski mityaley rang ki painti per padr gayee thien aour tubhi mera lund mujh sey keh raha tha key mien isey chodoon.

Phir kiya kerien maim sahab?” Mien uktaney ki acting ki,”Phir yehi hey key police ko bula lien aour moamla khatam.”" Yeh na kerien aap, mien apki minat kerti hoon.” Woh ghabra ker boli.

ab buhat sey log jama they koyee kehta moaf ker do koye kuch koye kuch. Mien ney socha yahan itney admiyoon mien bat nahien baney gi. Acha Vishno tum gadri key pas raho mien Maim sahab key sath bat kerkey ata hoon, idher ayee main sahab zara akeley mien bat kertey hien .” Mien ney kaha
maim sahab merey sath aik alg koney mien aa giyee.

Dekhien maim sahab , mien nahien chahta apki be izati ho aour police waley aien. mager yeh bhi dekhien meri gadri buri terah deamge howi hey.” mien usey dratey howey kaha

“To phir kiya hey? merey pas paisey nahien hien itney”
“Chalo theek hey” mien ney apna mobile nikaltey hoewy kaha,” To phir police ko bula letey hien”
“Nahien Nahien aisa na kerien. mera licence zabat ho jaye ga. Mien pehley hi do bar police report mien hoon.” woh buhat ghabra gayee thi

Phir aik aour rasta hey” mien ney kaha”Kiya?”"Phir aap hamarey sath hamarey gher chalien aour kuch fun ho jaye”"What You basterd! Tumhari yeh himat!” woh cheekhtey howey boli

mien ney aisey hi aik number mila ker jhoot sey kehna shro ker diya”Traffic Police?
Maim sahab ney mera fone jhapat liya aour usey band ker diya. Phir kiya kerien maim sahab?”
Woh zameen per ghoor rahi thi kuch der sochney key baad boli “Acha , theek hey chalo kahan chalna hey ”
Mera lund aik dam sakht ho giya. Hum wapas aye aour mien ney dikhawey ko uski car aour apni gadri ki kuch foto apney mobile sey khenchey aour

Visno sey kaha, laiken sunana pas khadrey loogon ko tha. Theek hey vishno maim sahab man gaye hien key hum kisi workshop jaien aour dekhien kitney ka khercha hey. Maim sahab merey sath baithien gien tum inki car leker hamarey peechey aow.” Vishno ko gadri ki chabiyaan detey howey maim sahab merey sath sawar ho gien Nathnager mien hamara aik makan tha jo badri mushkil sey kerayedar sey khali kerwaya tha.Aour hum wohien jarahey they.uski kuch muramat honey wali thi aour mien soch raha tha key iski muramat key baad isko kisi bank ko dey dien kiraye per.

Sheher sey nikal ker mien ney spead badrha di aour is doran mien ney uskey short skirt mien hath dalney ki koshish ki to usney mera haath jhatak diya.mien ney iskey bob ko chowa mager is bar usney kuch nahien kaha. Waisey bhi maien nahien chahta tha key gher punchney sey pahley kahien maim sahab apna irada na badal dien isi liye mien ney vishno ko gadri le ker aney ko kaha tha. Jab hum nathnager punch gaye aour mien ney apney gher ke samney gadri roki to Vishno chilaya.

Yeh konsa workshop hey?” mien ney phir usey aankh markey chup karya. Gher mien kuch bhi nahien tha. na baitthney ko na laitney ko. woh buhat hiran howi laiken chup rahi.mer gadri mien Picnik ka saman rakha rehta tha.Usmien aik fabric ki bani badri si chitayee bhi thi mien woh ley aya aour badrey kamery key beechoon beech bicha di. “Yahaan litaow gey mujhe?” Maim sahan pair patakney lagien. mien ney gerden terdrhi kerkey kundhey acha key kaha, “Majboori hey maim sahab , kiya kerien. App to badrey alishan beds per chudti hongien, aaj yeh bhi test ker lien”

Acha ab jo kerna hey kero jaldi sey aour apney dost ko baher bhejo” woh badrey gharoor sey boli

“Maim sahab yeh vishno mera buhat acha dost hey ab mien isey kahan bhejoon ga betha rahey ga apko kiya kehta hey”"Mien aisey waisey logoon sey nahien chdwati, aaj meri qismat kharab key aap jaisey ghatiya loogoon sey bhi chudwana padrey ga mujhey” “Mian sahab lund to lund ho hota hey kiya insan ghatya ho ya badrhiya” mien ney kaha,”han yeh hey key kisikey lund mien chodney ka maza kuch hota hey kisi mien kuch”

Acha acha ab yeh falsfa chodro aour karo kiya kerna hey” Woh apna skirt utartey howey boli.

wow, kiy body thi maim sahab ki! sath hi usney apna kacha bhi utar diya aour mien uski shve ki howi choot dekh ker beqarar ho giya.Choot per gosht ka ak phodra sa bana tha yani uski choot gosht dar thi aour mien ney ney badrh ker usko pani mutthi mien lena chaha to woh aik dum meri mutthi key size ki thi usko ghuma ker uski gand dekhi to mera lund itna sakhtho giya key abhi meri paint ko phadr ker nikal aye jaisey.mien ney apney dono hath uski gand per rakh ker unhien dabaya.

Chalo nikalo apna lund aour kero jo kerna hey” Woh boli mien ney apni paint utar di aour vishno pahli bar mera lund dekh raha tha.Woh aik koney mien dabak key baitha tha mien ney maim sahab ko blouse utarney ko kaha pahley to woh inkar kerney lagi phir usney woh utar diya aour uskey sath hi uskey do khoobsoorat bob spring ki terha baher nikaley. mien pahli bar dekha key bobs ki choochiyaan badri nahien thie aour ander ko dabi howi thien mien ney unko tatolney ki kashish ki to maiam sahab ki siski nakal gayee. mien ney uski choti choti choochiyaan apney munh mien le ker chosna shro ker diya.

Woh phir sisikiya len ney lagi.Hum dono khadrey they. Merey dono hath uski gand aour choot per naram naram masaj ker rahey they.achanak maim sahab key haath merey baloon mien kanghi kerney lagey. mien bari bari dono choochiyoon ko choos raha tha.Uskey hathoon mien mera lund tha aour woh usey agey peechey ker rahi thi. “Mujhey acha lag raha hey.” woh boli Arey maim sahab abhi to apko aour bhi acha lagey ga.”

Mien ney uski choochiyyon per sey munh hatatey howey kaha.maimsahab ney apney hont mereymunh per rakh diyee aour mien ney unhien chosna shro ker diya. aour main sahab ki siskiya nikal rahi thien.Merey daien hath ki badri ungli maim sahab ki choot ka dana tilash ker rahi thi aour akhit yeh dana ahista ahista badra honey laga aour mien ney usey maslna shro ker diya Ab to maim sahab ki halat buhat kharab. Woh merey hontoon ko katney lagi thi.aour apney pairoon ki aidrhiyoon ko ouper kerkey mujhsey liptey ja rahi thi.meri zuban uskey hont choos rahi thi aour meri unglyaan uski choot ko tatool rahi thien.merey lund mien

Sey laisdar pani nikalney laga tha jo usney apni ungliyoon sey laga ker apn choot mien lagana shero ker diya.aour meri badri ungli ko apni choot mien dhakel diya.meri ungli uski choot mien asani sey chali gaye kiyoonkey merey lund key lubri cation ney usey phislna ban diya tha. Ab to maim sahab poori garam hagien aour mera hath apni choot sey hata ker mera lund us per rah diya.yoon khadry hoker chodney mien kiya maza aye ga, mien ney socha. abhi mien kuch aour sochta maim sahab ney iak tang ounchi kerkey merey lund per baith gayee aour mera lund uski choot ko cheerta howa ander gehrayee tak chala giya.aour usney apni tang neechey ker li.

Mera lund shakanjey mien aagiya.itni tight thi uski choot.Mien ney uski dono tangoon key beech mien apney dono hath daley aour usey ouper uthaliya aour mera lund poori terha uski choot mien they.aour uskey dono bazo merey galey mien they.kuch der si halat mien uski chudayee kiphr mien ney usey badrey aram sey chitayee per litaya aour uski tangien apney kandhoon per rakh ker zosrdar dhakey laganey shro ker diyee.woh kaye bar jhadri thi aour akhir mien bhi qabo na pa saka aour mienbhi jhad giya kuch der mien uski coot per leta raha. Phir mien ney vishno ko kaha

AA ja bhai to bhi bhoon ley apna lund bhati garam hey ” Vishno bechara pata nahien kaisey zabat kerkey baitha tha usney jhat sey apni paint utari aour apna uncata lund mutth marta howa agey badra”Mien do sey chudwaney ka nahien mana tha” maim sahab laitey laitey boli. “A ri maim sahab , ager mien tumhien do bar choodoon ya do admi aik aik bar chodien tumhien kiya ferq padrta hey?!!” Mien paint pehen ker gadri mien sey kuch drink leney chala giya aour jub wapas lota to maim sahab chila rahi thi aour vishno apna lund padrey khadra tha

Kiya howa?” mien ney hairat sey poocha

“Bhadr mien giya tumara accedent , mien ja rahi hoon jow bula lo jis police ko bulana hey”
“Akhir kiya howa? Vshni key lund mien kantey they kiya?? “Kantey?? poocho isney kiya kiya hey? Mujhey tum sey chudwa key jo maza arha tha isney aik minute mien isey kharab ker diya hey” Woh ghusey mien boli. Mien vishno ki terf howa jo abhi tak khamosh tha “Arey to kiyoon nahien batata ? kiya kiya hey toney maim sahab key sath?”

Kuch nahien kiya mien ney. bus mera lund phisl ker choot ki bijaye inki gand mien chala giya aour yeh cheekhney lagien”"Bus phisal ker gand mien chala giya tha!” maim sahab vishno ki naqal kertey howey boli,”Is ney meri gand hi phadr di. Mien gand ki chudayee bhi kerwati hoon laiken is terah thodri hota hey key aik dam itna badr aour mota lund bina gand ko ram kiye is mien dal do” Mien ney maim sahab ko tasali detey howey kaha,” Aap baithien mien dekhta hoon is vishno ney kitna nuqsal kiya hey.” Mien ney mam sahab ko ulta kerkey uski gand ka moaena kiya. mien to khud yeh soch raha tha key abki bari gand loon ga maim sahab ki.

Chalo acha howa vishno ney yeh kam asan ker diya mien ney iak ungli ko thok laga ker maim sahab ki gand mien dala to wo phir chilaney lagi. “Ab tumhari bri hey dukh deney ki?!”Arey nahien maim sahab,mien to isko d#sehla raha hoon takey iska derd kumho” woh kuch na boli aour aour meri aik ungli uski gand mien ander baher ja rahi thi phir mien aour thook laga ker apni dooseri ungli bhi mila di aour do unglyaan ab badri asani sey uski gand key sorakh mien janey lagien. mujhe lg raha tha maim sahab ko bhi maza araha tha ab.

Mien ney mainm sahab sey poocha,”Maim sahab ab mien ghusa doon apna lund apki gand mien?”

“Han ghusa do mager ahista ahista vishno ki teraha nahien,Uska lund bhi tumharey lund sey mota hey meri to gand hi phdr di thi usney” Mien ney hans key kaha, Maim sahab hamarey lund kiya motey hon gien aour kiya lambey, kabhi aap kaley afrikiyoon key hathey chadrh gaien na, to unka lund tumharey munh mien sey nikal ayega”

Haye mien mer gayee, to kiya unkey lund badrey hotey hien?”
“Dekha to mien ney bhi nahien bus sun rakha hey maom sahab”"Phir to mien Afrika jaown gi , mujhey motey aour lambey lund buhat achey lagtey hien”"Jee jee, abhi vishno key lund ney aapki cheekhien nikalwa di thien woh to aap sanbhal nahien sakien aour afrikiyoon key lund key khawab dekh rahi hien.”

Acha ziyada batien na kero jo kerna hey kero merey sath aour mujhey janey do” Wo jhala key boli

mien ney apney lund ko khoob thook lagaya aour maim sahab ki gand key sorakh per rakh ker aik shaka lagaya. Mera lund phislta howa uski gand ki gehrayee napney laga aour ahista ahista sarey ka sara iski gand mien gum ho giya.maim sahab ghodri bani howi thien aour ab woh bhi apni gand ko agey peechey ker rahi thi. Mien ney jab uski gand rawan kerdi to vishno ko bulaya aour apna land maim sahab ki gand sey nikal ker vishno ko kaha key ab woh chod ley maim sahab ki gand.

Derasal vishno ko londey bazi ka shoq tha isi liyee usney jan boojh ker maim sahab ki gand mien lund dala tha aour baad mien bahana bana liya ke lund phial ker gand mien chala giya tha.Vishno la lund mujhesey mota aour lamba tha mager uska sira badra patla tha aour isi lyee woh gand key sorakh mien asani sey ghus giya aour jub mota hisa ghusa to maim sahab ki cheekhien nikal gaien. Vishno ney maim sahib ki gand marna shro ker di aour maim sahab vishno key motey lund ka maza leney lagi. Mien bath room mien giya aour apna lund achi terah dhoya kiyoonkey gand marney mien kayee bicteria hotey hien .

Ager gand mien ghusa lund aourat ki choot mien dal diya jaye to us sey aouret ki choot mien infection honey ka khatra hota hey.Mien wapas aya to vishno abhi laga howa tha.”Arey vishno, kiya viagra khakey aya hey ? abhi tak nahien choota?!”Nahien viagra ki humien abhi kiya zaroorat hey abhi apna lund lohey ki terah sakht hey aour chahooh to aik ghanta is maim sahab ki chudayee ker sakta hoon”

Acha to phir aik kam kertey hien, nikal apna lund, vishno” Maim sahab hiran thi key ab kiya honey wala hey, Mien chitayee pey lait giya aour maim sahab ko apney lund key ouper bitha liya.Lund maim sahab key apney wazan sey hi aik jhatkey mien maim sahab ki choot mien tha. mien ney maim sahab ki gerden mien apney hath daley aour usey apney ouper lita liya. is terah maim sahab ki gand ounchi ho gayee “Vishno! ab dal dey apna lund maim sahab ki gand mien”

Yeh sun ker maim sahab aik dam khadri hogaye aour mera lund uski choot sey nikal giya.
“Maim sahab, baith jaw phir sey merey lund per kiya ho giya hey apko? Abhi to aap afriki lund ki batien ker rahi thien ab hidustani lund sey ghara gaien “Ghabrati mien kisi lund sey nahien laiken do lund aik sath meri choot aour meri gand mien ???? yeh kaisey hoga? In mien sey aik zaroor phat jaye gi”
“Aap zara ander to kerney dien hamarey lund phir dekhtey hien choot aour gand phat ti hey ya aour maza ata hey aapko” Mien ney maim sahab ko tasali detey howey kaha.

Zara der soch ker woh merey lund per ger gayeeaour mera lund uski choot mien bilkul ander tak puhanch giyaa woh zara jhuk gayee takey vishno apna lund uski gand mien dal sakey. jaisey hi vishno ka mota lund maim sahab ki gand mien ghusa maim sahab ki to cheekhien nikal gaien mager ouper vishno nechey sey mien hum ney maim sahab ko hiney nahien diya aour woh hum dono key beech saidwich ben gayee. Vishno ney khoob dhakey laganey shro ker diye idhe mien ney bhi hiljul ki aour yoon maim sahab key

Dono sorakh poori terah sey chud rahey they aour woh mazey mien aaker zor zor sey shor machaney lagi.uski haye oyee kuch yoon thi key na pata chalta tha key usey dukh ho raha hey na pata chalta tha usey saroor aa raha hey. Humari yeh dabal chudayee koyee 20 minute chali aour pahley mien phir Vishno maimsahab ki choot aour gand mien jhadr gaye. Mien ney maim sahab ko poocha key woh jhadri ya abhi nahien. To woh boli

Aisi chudayee to mien ney kabhi khawab mien bhi nahien ki thi, badra maza aya aour mien to kayee dafa jhdr chuki hoon.”Mien ney uska munh dono hathoon sey pakdr ker apney hont uskey honto per rakh diyee aour uski gand per haath pherney laga. Woh boli,”Ab khadra ho raha tumhara lund? Mujhey ab jana hey bus karo”"Acha maim sahab , bus ker detey hien ab yeh batow key dobara aow gi ya Police ko bulana padrey ga?”Woh apna blouse pehnetey howey boli, ” Abhi Police baqi hey kiya ?M ien tum dono sey to chudwa liya ab kiya baqi hey”

Mien accident ki bat nahien ker raha maim sahab, mien to dobara chodney ka keh raha hoon”

“Suchi bat pata hey kiya hey?” “Kiya hey” Jub tum ney mujhey alg le ja ker tiseri option di thi to mera ji kerta tha mien tumhara ser phadr doon” “Oho phir to mien bach giya” “Bach hi nahien gaye bulkey tum ney vishno ko bhi is chudayee mien shamil ker liya” ” Woh to hona tha maim sahab, ab bechara Vishno kiya kerta iska bhi lund khadr hota hey” Is ney jub meri gand mien mujhey bataye bina lund ghusaney ki koshish ki to mujhey yeh banda

Buhat bura laga mager ab jabkey yeh meri gand mar raha tha mujhey iskey lund ka tumharey lund sey ziyada maza araha tha”"To aap kehna yeh chahti hien key ager vishno bhi hoga agli bar to aap chudwaien gien?”Wo aik muskurahat key sath boli,”Han yehi samjh lo, Mien aown gi dobara bhi aour tum bhi koye achi jaga per chodna mujhey.Yeh chitayee nahien chaley gi” Mien ney aik qehqaha lagaya aour maim sahab apni gadri ki chabiyaan utha ker baher nikal gayee Kahani pasan ayee ho to aik mail ker dena Fungjo@ymail.com Sub ka dhnewad jin ney yeh kahani padrhi

Appreciation Leads To Sex With Collegue

Hi All, This is my first story on ISS. I am Rahul working in IT industry in Bangalore. I am 5’8”, Athletic body, 32 years of age, Married with Kid. Since my childhood I was a leader in school, college but after my Job/Marriage and Kid I became less aggressive and started restricting my inner strengths due to fear of losing..This made me very week in office. I was going through a touch face due to recession and lot of job layoff in my company. One of my go getter friend suggested me a book to read
How to influence people” by famous writer Dave Carnell to influence bosses and higher management. I read that book and put down the points which were missing in me. I also started testing the principles suggested in that book. I found that I was not appreciating people.
Now to the story you were waiting for, there was a very beautiful girl in my office with the name Preeti, she was 5’4”, 34-30-34.
I saw her sitting alone during lunch time as all her friends went for lunch while she was on call. I was little hesitant in testing the theories from the book. But I showed confidence and went to her and with a big smile said hello to her…she also said hello..i asked why she is alone and she told that her friends have gone for lunch. I asked her to join me in Cafetaria..she made some excuse and resisted. I told her that she is beautiful and has wonderful eyes. She smiled and said thanks
She said she has some work and could not join me for lunch. But a small appreciation did wonder for me…from that day on we started getting closer. I used to appreciate her now and then but Genuinely (No fake appreciation). I took her for lunch multiple times to cafeteria and also started talking about her sex life as her husband was in Netherland. She told that she and her husband only do Phone sex. A few days before Christmas I asked her to come to my home for
Lunch(As my wife had gone to her home town with kid). I took leave on that day from office and she also made some excuse to her boss day..She came to my home she was looking stunning and I told her that she is looking gorgeous. We sat and chatted for sometime i told her that she has excellent lips. She felt shy. I went near her and touched her hair she did not say anything..i touched her hair again and then I
Touched her hand and hold her hand she felt shy but did not resist. I held her face between by both hands and kissed on her lips she did not reciprocate but slowly her hands moved to my back and pressed me towards her. Her grip became tighter and she also started kissing me. My lips moved to her neck and she started moaning….ah…aah! My hands were now on her big breasts and I was pressing them slowly.
I put hands inside her t-shirt and pressed her Breasts from outside her Bra..Someone knocked at the door and we have to separate. It was the newspaper fellow who came for the bill payment. I paid the bill and closed the door.  I came back to her and this time without hesitation I smooched her. I picked her in my Arms and took her to Bedroom…I put her on the bed and removed her t-shirt.
Her Nice milky breasts were tightly covered with bra and I took no time removing it too. Her top was completely naked, I started sucking her an inch Erect Nipples..She was moaning..while sucking her nice soft nipples I tried putting one of my hands inside her jeans but it was tight so I opened the button and Zip and her Black Pubic hair were visible. While kissing her breasts I touched her pussy and it was extremely wet. Preeti was Moaning heavily, Her hands started opening my pant,
I removed my t-shirt and she removed my pant. I pulled her Jeans and we both were completely Naked. She put her and on my 6.5 inch Penis and she said that it is hot. I turned and put my dick near her mouth and she started sucking it. I was standing near bed and she was sitting on bed sucking my Dick. With a jerk I came in her mouth and all semen was spread on her face and breasts. She went to wash room to clear it I did not want the mood to change therefore
I cleaned my dick as soon she came out from washroom I pushed her on bed, I started licking her wet juices from her pussy. Her moaning sounds were becoming louder and louder. She was pressing her breasts. While licking I inserted my finger in her pussy and located the G-spot (Love spot of women). My Dick became hard and I moved and we were in 69 position.
After a few minutes of sucking a licking, we were extremely excited and she was moaning and begging me to fuck her.
I pushed my dick in her cunt and her breath for a couple of seconds. I started pumping her in and out and she cried with pain and pleasure. Her Breasts were moving in circular motion as I was pumping her. She was making sounds like don’t stop keep doing and her sounds were making my dick harder and harder.
I fucked her for 15 minutes before I ejaculated. We had sex 3 times during those 4 hours. We then parted but now we do not loose any chance to make love. She says that she likes my Dick and wants to suck it more and more

Hot Tasty Teacher in sex

Hi guys this is Richard here. I live in Trichy. You can email me on rharry71@gmail.com. I have been a fan of ISS since past two years. I have read almost each and every story in the couple, incest and teachers section. I am here two narrate to you one of my own experiences. I am a very horny guy with a penis size of 6 inches. People tell me that I have great looks.
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She used to teach me biology in school in 9th and 10th standard. Sweta was a hot and sexy chick in her late twenties. She had joined our school just in the beginning of the year. Her figure was 32-26-36. I was crazy behind her ass and just wanted to grab it and fuck it. Whenever she used to turn around to write something on the board I would stare at her ass which would sway from left to right. All the boys in my class were crazy behind her.
My girlfriend would many times ask me if I also liked her but I would lie to her and tell her that she was my guru. She considered me quiet innocent. One day while I was just browsing through Facebook I saw Sweta’s account and added her as a friend. Since then we chatted a lot. I came to know that she was unmarried and lived with her parent. Her father was a rich business man and they had a huge bungalow in juhu.
She used to love to teach and therefore was teacher in our school. Soon we exchanged numbers and used to text a lot to each other. We became very close. I came to know that she had a boyfriend who worked in an MNC. Her parents knew about this but due to her boyfriend’s work he used to travel a lot. Soon we came a lot close and I also started sending her adult messages. She too replied to those.
One day while talking she asked me if I was a virgin or no I was shocked to hear this and shyly told yes. She told me that was cute. I asked her whether she was or not. She told that no she had done it many times with her boyfriend. I asked her if she really loved her boyfriend. She told that h was a nice guy but she was actually falling for someone else and sent a wink along with the message. I got confused and said bye to her.
I kept on thinking about what she said being a bit excited thinking it could be me. From the next day her behaviour changed towards me. She used to call me to the staff room to carry books and would flirt with me. One day when I entered school I saw her and she told me lets go together. That day she was in pink top and green leggings. In the lift it was very crowded and she was ahead me.
She was purposely was rubbing her ass on my dick which was already erect by looking at the sexy dress which were revealing her body parts. I was thinking that the class would be staring at her all time. But when she came in class she was wearing a scarf. Later that night while I was about to sleep I received her text that please come online I want to talk to you. I went online and she asked me to switch on the webcam.
As I usually sleep without a t-shirt I switched on the cam and she was staring at me and that’s when I realised that I was sitting bare body. She appreciated my body. I asked her that what work she had and she told me wait and she went away from the screen. When she came back she was in a robe. I asked her what was it and she said that she was in love with me and would do anything for me and with that she opened her robe and was standing naked in front of me.
I was shocked at looking her like this. Her boobs were firm and round and juicy. She turned around to give me a look at her ass which was nice and fleshy. I told her that I love you too and at that time she said that she will meet me at the school terrace tomorrow after my last lecture. The next day she came in a pink sari and behaved as if nothing happened between us.
She didn’t even ask me to help her with the books. I knew she was tempting me and I too decided to tease her. I followed her in the lift on pretext of going to the toilet and as we were alone I put the lift to stop mode and opened the socket from where we can manually override the lift and shut it down. When the lift came to a complete stop I put her against the wall of the lift and lifted her sari and pulled out my dick.
I started moving my dick over her pussy and she was begging me to put it inside. By now even I wanted to put it inside as it was my first time but then I quickly retrieved my senses and put my dick back in. I started the lift again. By the time we reached our floor we were kissing each other and I was fondling with her breasts. They were really soft. As we went out of the lift I pressed her ass and ran.
Now came the moment I was waiting for desperately. When I reached the terrace I saw that there was a mattress laid down on the ground and Sweta’s handbag. I started looking around for her when I heard the door of the terrace close. I turned around and saw Sweta standing in hot black bikini. She came towards me and started kissing me passionately on my lips and I was responding to her and massaging her ass. Her ass was soft and smooth.
Then I took off her bra and started sucking her huge boobs. They were so soft that I felt like pressing them all my life. I then started kneading her nipples and sucked the other one. Then we got onto the mattress and she took of my pant and shirt and started sucking my dick like a mad dog. She sucked as if she was hungry for years.
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Now I made her lie on the mattress and started kissing her and was finger fucking her pussy. She insisted me to put my dick inside her but while she was saying this I again kissed her. Then I started sucking her boobs and was fucking her cunt with three fingers. I was massaging her clit with my thumb. Now she desperatelly wanted my dick inside her. I started teasing her by rubbing my dick over her pussy entrance.
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We rested for some time in the same position with my cock inside her pussy and I was playing with her breast and kissing her. Then we stood up and my dick was hard again. I made her lean against the railing of the terrace and her ass as protruding towards me. Then I started spanking her ass. Her ass soon got the red marks from spanking. I then entered into her cunt. I started moving in and out of her cunt.
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Mommy And Her Boss US Guest xxx

heer! Again this is Preeti Kulkarni from Aurangabad and this time a US. friend of her Boss and that too a Negro one in a session of broad day light. Keep waiting for my session too. My Mom, with a great exhaustion of 31st Dec. 2011 (a dusk to dawn of new year) with Habib uncle she took a complete rest for a week and then rejoined her office with her Boss from 10.01.2011 and the routine was well going. At the time of return back to Dubai, Habib uncle gifted us 2 mobile handsets one for me and other an advance features to my Mom.
On 13th Jan. 2011 she (Swati) forgot to carry her mobile with her to the office which she forgot in the kitchen platform which was also in silent mode and I got an opportunity to look to the advanced features of her mobile which she wasn’t showing to me due to her personal numbers, messages, video-clips & photo’s. And day by day I was eagerly waiting to see her mobile features. Due to a call from Mom from her office phone she asked me to keep the mobile in the drawer beside her bed. I thought of my good luck which I was eagerly waiting to check the additional features.
That day I finished my household work & lunch early before 12:00 and straight to my bedroom and was fighting with the mobile to open the lock with a password. Then waited for 2 minutes and regained that day when Habib uncle gifted us the handsets and he personally granted her the password as XXX69. I immediately grabbed the handset and entered the XXX69 password and the lock opened. After few minutes play I was surprised that the mobile was on a mode of auto answering and auto-call recording facility.
I went to the log files and heard each and every call which was called from Khot uncle’s number as the other numbers were of me only. Khot uncle asked her that is Preeti interested before marriage to have a session with his adopted son who just returned from U.K. after his studies, as he saw her to your house at the time of Diwali celebration, so Mom replied to him a difficult job for her but will convey her by next week. Khot uncle said okay and told her that on 14th Jan, late night his negro friend (Mr. Colin) from U.S. is visiting here and
I think that I should introduce him to you for a daylight sex with him on 15th Jan i.e. Sankranti. Mom agreed his wish and greeted kisses over the phone and hangup. I felt wet in my panties due to the 1st fuck from my dream boy which I dreamt on his arrival who just turned 28 years on 04th Nov. Then I saw a clip of Mom and Khot uncle in which Swati got fucked by him on 12th January late evening hours. That day Swati was wearing a Punjabi dress with white skin-tight salwar, light cream color kameej with regular makeup.
Swati came to his cabin and let the door ajar and shook her head saying everyone out. Swati came near to Khot uncle and kneeled down and started licking his erected tool in her mouth. Then she stood up and started removing her salwar-kameej, in a one shot each he ripped off her bra and panties and threw them on the other side of his office table and asked her to lay and spread her legs for licks but suddenly the main door made a noise so Swati slipped under his table and to lick him under the table.
A client came sat on the chair and discussed some issues as Swati was busy licking his fuck tool and it was beyond his control due to her luscious lips touch. The ripped bra and panties were just under the clients chair and the bra hooks on the table. After the departure of the client, Swati came up and uncle laid her on the table and he managed to lick her for 10 mins and fucked her on his table. He sprayed all his cum in her deep throat for a gulp.
The mobile were recording their session from the book shelves behind his chair and Swati’s cell was recording her camel toe view from the side table. Uncle thanked Swati for a good blowjob and she walked nude to the washroom for cleaning her and came back to his cabin in 5 mins to wear back the only salwar-kameej due to torned bra-panties. Till then he managed to wear his clothes and so the same by Swati.
Khot uncle stuffed her bra and panties in his drawer and with their phones they got off the office @ 20:30 hours. The Sankranti day rise as in the previous day night Mom was busy shaving her armpits, pussy & waxing of her legs & hands to give a silky touch to the guest. As the normal preparations were already done by Khot uncle in our bageecha area this time as the likes of the visitor was known to uncle and it was an unknown treat to the visitor.
At around 08:30 Uncle called to Mom on our landline but she was having a bath so I received the call and Uncle told me that their guest is ready for the breakfast and I’m waiting for her arrival, so ask her to reach fast at Hotel Manasi by 09:00 by his car as the driver is already waiting for her outside your house. And Uncle also invited me for breakfast so I denied and told him that I am leaving in 10 mins to my friends place.
Me and my Mom discussed about to take place my 1st experience with Uncle’s adopted son and granted my full permission to my Mom & before that I told her that I would like to see your session with the new guest in our house. Mom agreed to my proposal as uncle wasn’t visiting for the 1st session and will join them at the time of lunch as he will join them in the 2nd session.
But the plan is my mind was a different one to go to that Hotel and have a separate breakfast and reach back to our house by giving my scooty-pep for servicing to get the live show of my Mom and Colin Sir (as already planned with Mom). Mom reached to the Hotel and at the table and uncle introduced Mom and Colin and they greeted and had breakfast while chatting. Swati was wearing a light pink color plain saree, same color peticoat and low cut blouse from front and rear, some valued ornaments, white full c-thru bra
And panties (as the wear was seen by me in her bedroom while she was taking a bath), cherry lipstick, cuticura powder, high heel chappal. Colin was a tall man with a height of 8’, dark brown body color and short hairs on his head with broad lips & yellowish teeth.
After my breakfast sitting opposite to them, by plan I dropped my scooty for servicing and rushed to our house @ 10:30 and in 30 mins uncle’s car dropped them to our main gate and then the car went off. Colin and Mom walked chatting to the porch area and were busy gossiping. Then Swati hugged him and kissed him and said that I am your slut for the whole day today. He laughed loudly and thanked his friend (Khot uncle). Swati gave him the instructions to go and sit on the metal bed kept in the dense banana trees area and then said to him all instructions as per your wish.
Colin proceeded to the said dense spot of our bageecha. After cleaning herself Swati reached to the love spot and I was sitting pretty to get the complete view from our kitchen with a complete view. Sir was sitting nude on the bed masturbating his black mamba of 9” by his hand and after the arrival of Swati by his left hands index finger he complemented to Swati, Aaah… marvelous and sexy look my darling and typical Indian shy lady, give me your inner wear details? Swati started to tell him what she had wore white c-thru bra-panties, pink petticoat and blouse.
He asked her to give him her pussy view and the class of her model. Swati lifted her saree with peticoat and slide her panties by the camel toe view suddenly he started stroking his cock with a full speed. Wow what a slim figure with typical light brown Indian pussy, cleanly shaved. I wanna give you massive strokes from my cock to your pussy baby and loosen the legs of this bed by way of my wild love. He then asked her, darling now turn around as show me your ass. What a smooth buttered ass. Ummm aaah…
Swati came near to him and he asked her to dick-lick & paint his cock with her applied lipstick on her pink lips. She kneeled down and took his cock in her smooth hands and kissed his tool and rubbed all over her face and began to stroke it in her mouth. Aaah aaah aah were his words and ummm ummm aammm ummmm with wetting sounds from her. The dick was now fully erect wet and his hands were roaming thru her head and he removed the hair-band and pressed her mouth to give him a warmth of his thick cock to her throat.
He began to stroke her head for a blowjob, Swati was licking his cock and the saliva from her mouth was felling on her blouse and pallu. Colin stopped and asked her to standup so did Swati. He pulled her saree pallu but her blouse also got torn due to the saree attached by a safety pin to the blouse. Her bra shoulder straps were visible to him with her boobs upside fair skin. He loosed his control by looking the upper part of her boobs. He again pulled her saree out of her peticoat and threw it on banana tree. Then pushed back her on the bed to rip off her blouse with his hands on her shoulders.
So the blouse hooks got separated. Her soft boobs upper part and her deep chest were glowing thru her netted brassiere. He jumped on her body and untied her peticoat and removed it from her legs thru waist. He grabbed her luscious body under his sweated body and started ramming her as his black cock was touching her netted panties and little parts of her embossed bun type pussy due to his sexy touches. Colin removed her front open bra and released the pigeons from the cage and started licking and biting them vigorously.
Swati started to moan in loud aaah aaah ooucch uhhhh aaah don’t bite just lick aaaaaaaa naa naaa uhhh. Just wet them by your tip of tongue, but due to her shaped uplifts he was unstoppable. After 10 mins he drew his attention towards her panties and started licking her pussy over the panties. The panties were already wet due to her oozed juices. He licked her over the panties and the panties became completely wet.
Now he began to remove her panties slowly and released the tiny cloth from her legs and smelled it by taking in his hands. By stretching her legs & bending in the knees he inserted his rough long tongue in her vulva and smelled her lovely den before stroking it with his thick lips. Then his chin, nose & lips were glowing due to her oozed juices. Sometimes he bites on the vaginal entry. After mins he climbed on the bed and kneeled on his knees and then by his palms under her bums he lifted her waist to his mouth and started lick bite her birdie by stroking his tongue in and out of her juicy pussy, by this action
Swati gone mad and moaned and sighed in a loud voice. Aaah fuck your slut by your long tongue and bite my pussy thru your lips and teeth. By hearing her sexual voice he started with the action in top speed. Now Swati was telling him she is feeling to piss but he was not applying brakes to lick and drink the juices of her salty pussy. He didn’t pay any attention so by loosing control Swati dashed her piss on his mouth and then he felt relaxed and waited for 2-3 mins and asked her to lay on his body for 69. Swati lay on him so both started to lick each others genitals in full swing.
After the 1st 69 & lickings session they turned around and he invited her for a doggy style main intercourse fuck and so did she. He asked her to bend and hold a branch of the Neem tree and after this action he got hold and lift her legs straight by his hands and entered his long huge black cock in her pussy and started fucking her in like a wild bear and Swati was bearing his strokes by biting her lips by the teeth. The strokes were unbearable for her.
He rested her legs on the bed by pulling the bed near them and again went between her thighs and entered his fat cock in her bully. By watching this scene I began to insert my fingers in my panties and stroked my wet pussy and licked my fingers to taste my own juice.
Swati was still shouting aah fuck my pussy just ram your tool in my sweet pussy and drill out my vulva and touch kiss by your penis to my uterus so he was very well fucking his slut’s birdie with his powered strokes. After ejaculation of his cum in her pussy he laid her on the bed and again made a 69 to lick back her cum filled pussy and his tool in her mouth to clear it.
He was sweating a lot and due to sweat his body was shining. What stroke play you gave Swati uttered these words in his ears. They both relaxed for a while and by that time uncle Khot came in. They both got up from the bed and Colin wore his clothes. A note on his t-shirt “born for F**King”. Swati just wrapped her saree around her and took the permission from Sir (Colin) to be back in minutes for lunch. Colin granted and asked her to wear the normal wear look as a high paid Indian prostitute with a good makeup for their next session.
Swati agreed his request and stepped in our kitchen and enquired me have I enjoyed their plays? I greeted my Mom and said excellent and immediately separated due to horn blowing of uncle Khot to hurry up. Swati got ready in minutes by wearing Jeans & tight T-shirt and general inners and ran towards the porch in the car and proceeded for lunch. At around 03:00 pm I received an SMS from Mom’s cell saying that the plan for 2nd round will be in bushes, bageecha
Main hall & her bedroom, so don’t try to roam in our house and get yourself locked in your room only as Khot uncle is also accompanying them. You can take the view of us from the balconies. Before their arrival I managed to lock me in my room as my room was in 1 end and Mom’s in the other end with all the 4 bedrooms connected with a combined balcony. They reached in our house in 20 mins & I was pretty in my room for the 2nd round.
Mom went to her bedroom and arranged for a bath and then the makeup and wears. This time a full black netted saree, black low-cut blouse, black petticoat and black fully netted bra-panty set of Lycra make, few ornaments all over her body, mangalsutra, strawberry lipstick, painted cheeks & powder, deo, kangans (gold & green), payals, black Marie Claire high heeled chappals, etc. Thru her saree, blouse and peticoat her figure was remarkable with the display of her red lingerie. Awesome Radni words from him. As much of the Indian words were taught to Colin from Khot uncle on the previous night.
Khot uncle managed to explain the further plans and asked Swati to come in his car. Swati was driven by Khot uncle in the porch and got down and told Colin that she is in your service (like Khot is a dalaal). Colin greeted her by a long kiss. Hey what’s your rate for a day, she answered just screw me and then reward me. They came in our hall and sat on the sofa next to each other again Colin smooch her and asked her to follow him to his bedroom. Swati slowly followed him from behind thru staircase and both reached to the entrance door of the bedroom.
Colin again smooch her asked her to show the red rose tattooed near her pussy and beginning of right thigh. She lifts her saree and shows him. He paid her ` 5000/- by sliding her panties a bit and kiss the red rose. He lifts her in his arms and made her stand away from the bed by 5’ and switch on the A.C. thru remote.
He sits on the bed and ask her “Swati, please arrange to cover your shoulders and flat stomach by your saree pallu and remove your blouse.” After removing her blouse he asked her for her peticoat. Now Swati was in her black netted flowers printed saree and bra-panties under it covering her valuables. He got up and from behind his hands move all over her wheatish body. Swati sighs…!
He then releases her from his clutches and asks her for a drink to him. After she brings he asks her to remove bra and panties by 1 hand by covering again her shoulders and asks her to hang up her removed bra and panties on the door handle and get on the bed with the drink glass.
She gives him a sip of the drink and keeps it on the side stool of the bed and he pulls her on the bed near to him and he strips himself and then fells on her luscious body for the final drillings. He touches her every sexy part and offers that part with a kiss. He manages to lift her saree from her legs and moves under the wrappings to kiss lick her sexy choot and due his movements under the saree it gets untied and then he moves upward slowly towards her breasts. He bite on her nipples and eats her kishmish type nipples and makes her whole boobs wet by licking her. He then moves towards her luscious lips and smooch her for 5 mins with both tongue in mouth. The saree was now covering both of their nude bodies.
He again moves down to her pussy and spreads her legs apart and stretches her pussy chicks by his fingers and rams his lips n mouth in the red portion of her inner pussy. Swati holds back the pillow and then presses his head by her hands to give him much more taste of her vulva. His nose, mouth and chin were mostly in her pussy now licking and gulping her juices. After that action he kneeled on the bed and as Swati was lying he lifted her from her waist till his face and started fucking her bun type pussy with the help of his tongue.
Swati’s head was on the bed (upside down) taking the pleasure of his lickings. He released her in mins and put the condom on his erect one & stroked his thick cock in her pussy. As Swati continued her sighs and moans as …. Ssss shshsh aaah aaah oucchh ahhhh aaah no no stop stop for a while yourrrr lund has gone wild due to my hole and making a long drill in my pussy. Pluk pluk pluk poolp chak chak chak chook chook due to the wetness of her pussy the sounds were coming. The whole bedroom was a sexy one due to their fucking action.
He released her pussy from his cock and threw his condom aside and then made a 69 and started biting her pussy chicks. Swati was moaning and continued to suck his cock by pressing his 2 balls under his cock in speed as Colin shouted I’m cuming I am coming, so he lay on the bed and turned Swati on his body for 69 and began stroking his cock to direct ejaculate in her mouth. After ejaculation Swati said good stamina and fell on his thighs. He also stopped the lickings of the cute pussy.
They rested for an hour and he woke up Swati to get ready for the 3rd round by wearing the same clothes back on her sexy body. Swati rushed to the bathroom for a piss and Colin also followed her to see how she pee. While she was pissing he touched her pussy and pee by his fingers to make her sensous. Swati got out from the bathroom after wearing the same clothes and the fresh makeup. By that time Khot uncle too came after a nap in our hall. They both had some drinks as the time clock was showing 06:00 pm.
Now Colin said to Swati that this time 2 cocks in your holes but before that he sat on the chair resting and asked Swati to sit on his mouth by removing her saree & blouse and pull the peticoat untied till the breast. As done by Swati he slid her panties aside and started licking her choot in full swing and got up from the chair and by taking
Swati on his shoulders started walking towards the hall thru stairs and then outside in our bageecha and were slowly removing her bra, panties and then her remaining peticoat on every turn he takes around our building and didn’t stop to fuck lick her tasty choot. As the sun was setting down so he took this step to come out and lick her in walking position as no one could see them due to lesser sunlight. After 5 rounds he walked back to our hall and then to the bedroom for the grand finale.
By that time Uncle Khot lay on the bed in nude as Colin was already nude and released Swati from his shoulders and asked Swati to dance between the sofa and bed. The bedroom was ajar and she was dancing on the tune of the song Choli Ke Peechhe Kya Hain… Choli mein Dil Hain Mera and removed her blouse towards them to show her sexy boobs and stretched pussy and asked them to fuck & drill her sweet pussy without wasting time in orals.
Khot uncle stood up and pulled her near by gripping her bra between her 2 piegons from her chest side and pulled in force as the hooks broked and the bra was release from her shoulders. Khot uncle lay on the bed and Swati facing her back towards Khot’s face to take his cock in her shaped ass. Khot started fucking her in tension due to full erection and Colin to joined them and started pumping Swati’s 2 times fucked pussy by him from the upper side as it was a 3some.
Swati was moaning in loud as if the passerby passing thru our house would also hear her voice clearly. The bed was shaking like an earthquake taking place and with the master strokes from Colin the bed’s leg broke and they fell on the side but the drills action was still going on for them. Khot uncle released his semen out of her ass in 6-7 mins but Colin continued the fucks above Khot in Swati’s pussy till next 10 mins and then released his drops direct on her face and some in her mouth and told her not to swallow as he also needs to taste of his cum by licking her face.
The clock was showing 07:15 pm now and both separated each other and 1st Swati took the bath and refreshed her by wearing a satin gown and nothing under it. Then Colin & Khot got refreshed one by one. Colin gifted my Mom a $100 packet and a plane ticket for our U.S. trip and thanked Khot for the special arrangement of surprise slut for a whole day. He was going to Mumbai day after for a meeting and then back to U.S. so greeted & kissed again to Mom by saying thanks and touched again her pussy and said next time on his visit will inform you so do not shave your pussy as I love to lick the hairy ones.
Khot uncle also took the permission from Mom and asked her to be in office on 18th Feb. 2011 @ 09:30 am after the 2 days complete rest and also arrange for a parcel dinner at our doorstep.